Boris Šestakov

The paintings on the right are available for purchase:

  1. "IN THE TULIP FOREST", acrylic, canvas, 81x100 cm,
    framed. Price 430 €
  2. "FIVE MILES OUT", acrylic, canvas, 100x81 cm, framed. Price 450 €
  3. "MOTHER", acrylic, canvas, 100x81 cm, framed. Price 450 €
  4. "ANIMAL",  acrylic, canvas, 70x100 cm,  black frame.  Price 450 €
  5. "REDWING", acrylic, canvas, 100x80 cm, no frame. Price 430 €
  6. "SPROUTING", acrylic, canvas, 55x46 cm, no frame. Price 60 €
  7. "GREEN PIGEON", acrylic, cardboard, 60x50 cm, framed. Price 120 €
  8. "IT'S DIFFERENT IN JAPAN", acrylic, canvas, 55x46 cm, framed. Price 65 €
  9. "TWO TOWERS", oil, canvas, 90x30 cm, no frame. Price 250 €
  10. "DECEMBER EVENING IN ROOMASSAARE HAVEN", acrylic, canvas, 60x80 cm, framed. Price 250 €
  11. "THE INTELLECT",  acrylic, canvas,  80x100 cm, no frame. Price 430 €
  12. "LANDSCAPE WITH THE BACKUP EGRESS", acrylic, canvas, 50x70 cm, white frame. Price 150 €
  13. "LEAF MAN", oil pastel, paper, A3, framed. Price 50 €
  14. "LISTENING",  acrylic, canvas, 20x50 cm, no frame.  Price 50 €
  15. "COZY ROOM",  acrylic, canvas, 70x60 cm, no frame. Price 250 €
  16. "LIGHT BLUE DREAM", acrylic, canvas, 60x50 cm, no frame. Price 200 €
  17. "EXTRA VACANCY", acrylic, canvas, 30x80 cm, no frame. Price 150 €
  18. "ROOF CHAMBERS", acrylic, mixed, canvas, 90x70 cm, no frame. Price 450 €
  19. "SPRING AND THE KIT", acrylic, canvas on cardboard, 43x54 cm, frame. Price 150 €
  20. "MEETING", acrylic, canvas, 60x80 cm, no frame. Price 180 €
In the Tulip Forest

Five MIles Out





Green Pigeon

It's Different in Japan

Two Towers

December Evening in Roomassaare Haven

The Intellect

Landscape with the Backup Egress

Leaf Man


Cozy Room

Light Blue Dream

Extra Vacancy

Roof Chambers

Spring and the Kit